How to install Sogou Pinyin in non-Chinese versions of Ubuntu 18.04 / 如何在非中文版的Ubuntu 18.04安搜狗拼音输入法



Recently, I updated my Ubuntu version from 16.04 to 18.04, and I'd like to share my experience on how to build a work or study environment for yourself.

This blog mainly introduces how to install Sogou pinyin in non-Chinese versions of Ubuntu.

How to install Sogou pinyin

Firstly, you should install fcitx, a lightweight input method framework aimed at providing environment independent language support for Linux.

sudo apt install fcitx-bin
sudo apt install fcitx-table

You can also uninstall ibus, an input-method framework for Unix-like computer operating-systems.

sudo apt purge ibus
sudo apt autoremove

BTW, you can read Understanding & setting up different input methods if you are interested in the difference between fcitx and ibus.

Recall that: > remove - remove is identical to install except that packages are removed instead of installed. Note that removing a package leaves its configuration files on the system. If a plus sign is appended to the package name (with no intervening space), the identified package will be installed instead of removed.

purge - purge is identical to remove except that packages are removed and purged (any configuration files are deleted too). This of course, does not apply to packages that hold configuration files inside the user's home folder.

what sudo apt autoremove actually does? Whenever you install an application (using apt-get), the system will also install the software that this application depends on. It is common in Ubuntu/Linux that applications share the same libraries. When you remove the appplication the dependency will stay on your system. So apt-get autoremove will remove those dependencies that were installed with applications and that are no longer used by anything else on the system.

You can subsequently open Language Suppor to double-check that Key board input method system has change from ibus to fcitx, and you can change it manuallyif not. You can ignore it and click the "Remind Me later" button if you are reminded that "The language support is not installed completely".

Importantly, you must reboot your system after that.

After that, you can download the deb package from the official website, 搜狗输入法 for Linux, or here (also official links) directly.

You can install it in Ubuntu Software by double-clicking, shown as below.

Importantly, you must reboot your system again.

You can open fcitx config tool after rebooting, as you can see below. You should also see Sogou Pinyin in the lists. Unfortunately, if not, you can add it by clicking the + mark, choose Sogou Pinyin and reboot the system again.

Now, you should input Chinese characters at the same time. In other words, you can use it as convenient in Windows system, like the Shuangpin input method. Yeah, you can learn more detail about Shuangpin in 双拼学习.

Just enjoy Ubuntu 18.04.


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